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+ Can you supply OEM cartridges for all brands?

+ Is there a diffirence between a refilled and remanufactured cartridge?

+ Is there a risk to using a remanufactured cartridge?

+ How much money will I save by buying a remanufactured cartridge?

+ Will using remanufactured cartridges void the printer manufacturer's warranty?

+ How much time does it take to remanufacture my Cartridge?

+ How many times can a cartridge be remanufactured?

+ Can any cartridge be remanufactured?

+ Hi There I got a HP Officejet 6210. I recently purchase 2 cartrdges from a shop , that supplied me with cartidge 131 & 135 for my printer. I got home and my printer say cartridges aint compatilble. I did ask the lady to make sure thats the correct ones, and got advise they are. I did say to her that the printer comes from the UK(we immigrate) and uses 338 +343 cartridge numbers for it. Is there some how i can get this sorted please.

+ I have a Hewlett Packard Laser Jet 5L printer which needs servicing. Do you do that?

I would like to start buying your toner cartidges for resale. I wondering, will it be cheaper for me to buy toner cartridges from your office in Alberton or compared to any of your outlests in the suburbs.

hi, am based in Zimbabwe and always in SA for business, am interested in reselling your cartridges back in Zim do you give dearships?

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