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Laser Toner Cartridge Care | Cartridge Education | CARTRIDGEWORX |

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  1. Do not attempt to open the cartridge.
  2. Do not leave the cartridge in motor vehicles for any length of time, as even on a cool day the temperature can exceed safe levels. Doing so may distort the plastic in the cartridge.
  3. Store cartridges in normal room temperature.
  4. Some parts in these cartridges are light sensitive and can be damaged when exposed to excessive light.
  5. When empty, store your laser cartridge in its original plastic bag and cardboard box.
  6. Have the cartridge remanufactured as soon as possible.

Note: If your hands or clothes become stained with toner, wash them with lukewarm water and soap. For clothes, simply brush off outside in the open air. Do not wash toner-stained clothes in hot water as the toner will set into a permanent stain. Use cold water only.

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